Turbo Training – Расширенный семинар Ткань

Turbo Training - Расширенный семинар Ткань

Turbo Training – Advanced Cloth Workshop
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Genre: Video Training
Are you looking to get the most out of your cloth work inside of Autodesk 3ds Max? Then you’ve come to the right place. The Turbo Training: Cloth Training Bundle contains two jammed packed DVDs with over 7 hours of training to give you everything you ever wanted to know about the cloth system inside of 3ds Max.
The Cloth Techniques 3-hour disk includes understanding how cloth reads the modifier stack, GarmentMaker techniques, multi-layered clothing, bias-cut cloth, pleats and creases, animated constraints and plenty of helpful tips and tricks to enhance your workflow. Below is the tutorial listing:

1. Introduction
2. Set up for Cloth
3. GarmentMaker Tips
4. Tailoring Cloth
5. Money Bag Example
6. Modelled Cloth Tips
7. Biased Cloth Basics
8. Biased Cloth Example
9. Pleats/Seams Basics
10. Pleats Example
11. Group Contraints
12. Layered Cloth Basics
13. Layered Cloth Example
14. Intersect/WrapIt
As a special bonus, Size8 Software provides two freeware plug-ins with this DVD: Intersect and WrapIt that can be used to diagnose your cloth sims and help you even more.

The Advanced Cloth Workshop DVD then takes what you’ve learned in the first disk, and shows you even more ways to push cloth to its limit. Veteran animator Paul Hormis (who has been a part of both Blizzard Entertainment and Blur Studios during his 15 years of professional work) has assembled over 4 hours of incredible cloth effects and techniques for animators looking to push cloth to its limits and in the process, you’ll learn how to use cloth in ways you never imagined.

Just look at the course outline:
1. Setting Up Collisions
2. Creating Cattails
3. Dragon Wing Setup
4. Using Cloth to drive linked chains
5. Building Chainmail armor using cloth
6. Peeling Flesh
7. Building a Backpack
8. Bicycle Flag
9. Ammo Belt
10. Multi-layer Character clothing Part 1
11. Multi-layer Character clothing Part 2
As an added bonus to both disks, users also get two freeware plug-ins by Size8 Software for use with cloth and the clothfx plug-in, as well as over 300 MAXScript files that Paul created himself for the production pipelines he has set up and worked within. These tools will help you do things with cloth more efficiently and easily than ever before.

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